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About The Salaam Initiative

Salaam in Arabic means peace. That in its entirety is what I hope finds you as we embark on this journey together. Although, it may not be easy, the initiative is truly where it begins. Are you ready for it?

Our Story

What is Psycho-Spiritual Growth? 

The Salaam Initiative intends to work on the incorporation of Psychological and Spiritual Insight's to better meet life demand's. Drawing from Islamic Psychology, we hope to guide our feelings to self and others by re-learning and challenging parts of mind and purpose that are essential towards maximizing potential! This is where coaching/consultation are important because the overarching goal for all is to reach peace (Salaam). 

Let's meet your provider! 

My name is Newzaira Khan

My passion for serving humanity was sparked as young as I could remember. As a Bangladeshi-American there were a multitude of cultural and religious factors that led to guiding my craft. When I went to college I decided Psychology and Chemical Dependency were the main foundations to guide my service. However, as time went on I decided that living in Rural America may not have taught me all the skills needed to work with ALL Americans. Therefore, I decided to go to an HBCU in Norfolk, VA to obtain my Master's in Social Work. During my time in graduate studies I realized that the thought's within Social Work did not incorporate the complexities of the world and the relationship that it may have on our communities. All of this guided me to work on obtaining my PhD in International Studies with graduate certificates in Women's Studies and International Development. All of this combined, has created the perfect storm to work hand in hand will a diverse-range of communities and organizations to empower what is best for each individual. 

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